Thursday, November 26, 2009

I pray for the courage to tell him this one day

Went on a 50mm walk, originally uploaded by faz k.

"Don't let the imaginary person in your head keep you from loving the real one right in front of you."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fink - This Is The Thing

I don't know if you noticed anything different
It's getting dark and it's getting cold and the nights are getting long
I don't know if you even noticed at all
That I'm long gone baby, I'm long gone

And the things that keep us apart keep me alive and
The things that keep me alive keep me alone

This is the thing

I don't know if you notice anything missing
Like the leaves on the trees or my clothes all over the floor
I don't know if you'll even notice at all
Coz I was real quiet when I closed the door

And the things that keep us apart keep me alive and
The things that keep me alive keep me alone

This is the thing

Friday, October 09, 2009

Parked or chained?

I sorted out the parking, dear, originally uploaded by faz k.

Friend: Hey, you took this photo?
Me: Yeh.
Friend: It figures.
Me: What do you mean?
Friend: That boat on the water is like you. You’re single, you’re meeting people, you’re ready to go places.
Me: er - I’m a boat?
Friend: That padlock there is like you too, kinda – maybe your heart – you got those chains around your heart somehow. People might not see it at first cos the chain’s so darn long. In fact, even YOU don’t see them chains. You’re wondering why you’re not moving forward, why you’re alone. How can you when your heart’s all closed? Unlock it! Open up! Sure, you gave your heart away to someone special to you and things didn’t turn out ‘happy every after’. You can be free – it’s up to you. Like this boat too – let it move with the river flow, y’know?
Me: I’m a boat?
Friend: *smacks her hand on her forehead*


That was close - I thought she'd manage to finally nail me with that sharp observation. She's not too far off the point, though...

picture details: Taken with James, with 1/20sec, f/3.5, 18mm focal length on my 18-55mm kit lens, ISO 400, handheld.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

When life puts you in an empty coach, make pictures!

district 9 and a half, originally uploaded by faz k.

All right - perhaps a rather lame attempt at that 'making lemonade from the lemons life gave you' line, but what the heck - I think you know what I mean ;)

Of course it's tough making your way along this world by yourself. We smile and nod when people tell us to 'chin up - you're never alone' yet wish sometimes they don't say these things. They mean well, and so do we when we find ourselves saying the same things to others.

I'm sure you've seen or at least heard of the slideshow that likens this life to a train journey. You get people come on board and sit with you in your train coach. They get off at their stops & other people board the train and join you. There are stretches of that journey when you're by yourself. That's ok. That's the 'me' time that you can use to hold a mirror up to see deep inside you. Have you been good travel companions? Have you shown interest in your travel buddy's journey? How much have you listened to the stories from other people in your train coach? Has it been a good trip from them too? Sure, you poke them a bit when their snores get too loud (it's an overnight train) but do you get rattled when they prod you because your snoring kept them awake some other nights?

When you're done looking into the mirror, put it down and look out the window. There's still a whole wide world out there to see. Your train's still on track, chugging along. Enjoy the trip, and make pictures as you go along. They're your memories.

Pic info: taken with my James (EOS 500D), 1/125sec, f4.0, 18mm focal length on my 18-55mm kit lens, ISO 200.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Withdrawal syndrome - at least until Season 2 is out

send me a sign
turn back the clock
give me some time
I need to break out
make a new name
let's open our eyes
to the brand new day

Lie to me* theme performed by Ryan Starr